Mother-daughter fun activity (my first quiet book)

Hello there,

Today I want to show you what my mom and I made while I was taking vacation of cardmaking. This was our first project for a long time and we had a lot of fun. Great team we are! Mom did all the machine sewing, and I did all the design and hand sewing.

I made this book for the second birthday of one of my daughter’s friend. The cover and the pages was made of fabric and for the details I used felt.

The first page is with the tree of seasons – spring, summer, fall and winter.


There is a cute ladybug on page two. The wings are pockets, containing her dots.

DSC02619-1 DSC02620-1

After that is the pot with flowers. The kid is free to untie and tie the bow and to unbutton and button the flowers. The pot is also a pocket for the flowers.

DSC02621-1 DSC02622-1

The merry caterpillar is on page four. It’s segments are removable, attached with velcro and they could be hidden in the white cocoon.

DSC02623-1 DSC02625-1

The fifth page we called “The house of the butterfly”. It has a peakaboo butterfly hidden in the tent.

DSC02627-1 DSC02628-1 DSC02629-1

The next two pages are meadow with flowers, where a very cute and little bumblebee gathers nectar to make honey


On the page eight is placed an unfinished butterfly. Inside the two pockets on the back cover there is a bunch of elements for decoration.


That’s the book. I hope the little girl will enjoy playing with it.

Thanks for stopping by :)

P.S. I used some ideas from The Butterfly book .

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3 Responses

  1. Rumi says:

    This is so inspiring! Lovely book!

  2. Деси says:

    Сърдечно ти благодаря за прекрасния подарък!

  3. Mimka says:

    Well done! The seasons are my favorite.

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